32 heat too easy for Chaos shield?! /Hades v1.0/

Shout out to Ares’ call MVP?

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21 thoughts on “32 heat too easy for Chaos shield?! /Hades v1.0/”

  1. still baffles me there are people so good at the game that they ENJOY this difficulty. I'v tried 32 heat several times now, and even tho I have over 180 hours in the game, it's just not fun. It's just so obnoxiously hard there's no enjoyment to be had for me. This man is a god.

  2. 8:12 how did Chaos Shield change? Last time I played was almost a year ago, and I don't really wanna read through every single patch note to maybe find what im looking for. It does seem weaker than I remember, did they nerf it? How?

  3. Aphrodite's Call has great utility during the Hades fight, it's Charm can stun him out of his Big Laser Attack or Any of his spear sweeps. Definitely helpful for getting an early clear with some slower weapons, like Rama's Bow

  4. Honestly is it Chaos Shield that's op or just that shield throw is op in general?
    I bet you can do that with a dedicated shield throw build too with the proper hammer upgrade and gods. (Ares or Zeus centric special.)

  5. How are you flowing from one action to the next so quickly and seamlessly? Is that all down to the speed/timing/precision of your inputs, or is there some setting I can change to make the game faster?

  6. I did routine inspection for 32 . Completely turned off the entire mirror and set the enemies to max speed, max damage, middle ground, and benefits package…that was not a fun time.


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