Advanced Guide to Hades, Part 1: 0-20 Heat

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22 thoughts on “Advanced Guide to Hades, Part 1: 0-20 Heat”

  1. Well, on heat 0-20 you can clear consistently just by spamming sword's secret aspect. :^)

    Solid guide overall, though I think it could use some weapon-specific tips to round it up. Stuff like extending spear's spin attack range by dashing or cancelling fists' combo into a dash attack to bypass recovery.

  2. While you said you can generally tell how long until a biome is done, according to the wiki Tartarus is always 15 rooms, Asphodel is always 10, and Elysium is always 11. You can easily just count if you want to be sure how long your curse will last

  3. Really good intermediate level guide. I’ve played for 200 hours & I learned things about boon manipulation. There is also some attack cancel tech in the game as well. If you have the Stygian sword and perform a special then immediately dash before the sword hits the ground the damage will go off but you’ll be at the spot you dashed to. I accidentally found that out when fighting the flame wheels in Elysium.

  4. Thanks alot man! I appreciate the knowledge on when to start working about my build, I keep getting to Asphodel and getting my ass handed to me, this will help keep my focused on getting my keys and boons for the runs!


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