BACKSTABBING CAST?! This Hera Bow Build DEMOLISHES Enemies | Hades

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22 thoughts on “BACKSTABBING CAST?! This Hera Bow Build DEMOLISHES Enemies | Hades”

  1. the big difference between "JRPG" and "wester RPG" is how leveling up works
    in "wester RPGs" the player is given control over how things are distributed during level ups
    for "JRPGs" they wanted to simplify this part of the system, so they had pre-defined level up increases (though random also counts)
    so Pokemon is a JRPG not because it is made in Japan, but because the only influence the player has during level up is whether or not to learn a move or evolve at that time, but the stat increases are out of the players direct control.
    whereas Dark Souls is more or less a "Wester RPG" made in Japan

  2. Underrated games in my opinion:
    – Ring of pain
    – Owl boy, as mentioned
    – Wizard of legend
    – Evoland in general was a good mention
    – LISA, the painful

    Lots of indie games deserve so much more recognition I feel like

  3. Pokemon isn't a JRPG because it's not really an RPG. You can basically ignore the story. In an actual RPG, it's hard to really ignore the story. It's not just because there is a leveling system.


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