Best Girl, Best Fury. | Hades (2/6)

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35 thoughts on “Best Girl, Best Fury. | Hades (2/6)”

  1. The idea that Woolie just…doesn't use casts is so fucking insane to me. Even on builds where I'm mainly focusing on my weapon I'm still using casts. How do you just actively ignore an entire, PRETTY SUBSTANTIAL damage source that you get FOR FREE.

  2. My third escaped attempt, I went spear with full crit and debuff build with hammer upgrade the replaced the spin attack with attack speed and Aphrodite call to charm. Poor hades was melted in record time.

  3. Is there anyone here who PREFERS the default gun over the other weapons? The only way I find that weapon tolerable is the last aspect version which was lucifer if I remember correctly.

  4. Man I hope Woolie figures out the difference between max health buffs and simple healing items. Also, no, you absolutely cannot retain any gold you have from your run.

  5. It's weird how he complains about the cast time on blade rift but favors the insanely mobility and offense limiting spear special. When you throw it you have to go through the recall animation before you can even attack. It's only redeeming quality is it's hammers and it's very solid dash attack. Also the synergy with applying doom with the multi hit dash hammer is 1000% imagined right now. There is a boon that lets you stack doom but for the moment all enemies take one at a time. Doom is widely regarded as one of the most limited effects in the game, it relies on very specific other boons and duos to be anywhere near useful and doesn't synergize with a stunning amount of buffs you're way more likely to receive.

  6. May be an unpopular opinion, but I don't like Megaera. The way she talks to Zag sounds like she always wants to scream at him, but her voice is too rasp already from doing it too much.

  7. The real Hades was the attacks we ate and the dodges we choked along the way.
    Nah for real it’s a hard game but I find Woolie has a weird way of organizing his endgame around the choices he makes. It’s like he’s playing mega man, where whatever you get is helpful but some are more so considering the match up, but the game wants you to play (sorry for the cliche) Dark souls, where you arrange your stats equipment and buffs to meet a certain end. It’s not just here I’ve noticed him do mental gymnastics to try a specific thing, get killed a billion times, then make up a roundabout reason as to why it was portrayed to him in a vague or confusing manner.

  8. So, I purposefully avoided all LPs and streams of Hades until I 100%ed it, so I wouldn't be swayed by other people's techniques.

    Turns out, we all seem to have come to similar wisdom! I think we can all agree that extra dashes are absolutely key.

  9. I see the Woolie making the same mistake that I do all time too: going too ham on armored enemies. They don't flinch until you break their shield and it's really easy to take careless damage this way.


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