Day 20 of trying to escape hell every day until Hades 2 releases

Alright let’s do this. I’m gonna do one attempt per day until Hades 2 releases, let’s see how far i’ll come. I have beaten the game before.

welp we did it. Divorce is no more! Great game, and of course I willbe continuing to play daily until Hads 2 Early Acces will release (please soon supergiant game i dont know how long I can actually do this)

Current goals:
– Upgrade keepsakes
– Get Hermes keepsake achievement

Do 1 run every day (or the equivelent of it). I can do more then 1 run a day, and stack up the videos, but if i’m behind I have to get ahead again. Only then will I allow myself to play Hades 2. 1 run for every day since januari 3rd 2023.

– Always use the weapon with dark thirst
– Always go up a heat


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