Poseidon builds are some of the most exciting builds in Hades. By exploiting knockbacks, wall slams, and lightning synergies, you can deal massive damage and clear rooms in less than a second. They’re also a great way to farm darkness. In this video, I walk you through the general anatomy of a Poseidon build and showcase several exemplary builds with various weapon aspects.

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Table of Contents
00:00 | Intro
00:57 | Updates and Announcements
01:33 | Anatomy of a Poseidon Build
08:44 | Build #1: Lucifer – Super Soaker
13:17 | Build #2: Hestia – Hydro Sniper
19:01 | Build #3: Zag Bow – Aqua Arrows
24:03 | Honorable Mentions + Outro

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27 thoughts on “EXPERIENCE POWER WITH THESE POSEIDON BUILDS | Intermediate Guide | Hades v1.37”

  1. Thanks for the video! The aqua arrows got my first time beating the final boss with the bow! Couldnt figure out the bow for a while. it was also the fastest I've killed the final boss as well. Love the style of your video, makes it easy to understand

  2. I will have to try those at some point. My favourite poseidon build so far is arround poseidon's call. Zagreus' fists (i love dodge), poseidon call plus riptiide current and zeus and aphrodite's duo. And when possible, second wind, and greater evasion from hermes, and any boon that helps to charge faster the god-gauge

  3. Nice video, subscribed yesterday and it already helped. I am now more aware of planning my runs. I once did a run with Poseidon and Demeter, the frost effects and the knickbacks from Poseidon where not bad even while I used my least favorite weapon, the shield.

  4. Great video! I particularly like how you go over how you would structure the build depending on the fourth God you get. That's not something I see in other build guides and it's very helpful!

  5. Hey There Sleet!

    Dang man you really exploded recently, you've been putting out some really great vids! I like the way you structure your vids, you've got a really slick editing style man.

    Congrats on the success, it's a great feeling to hit that 1000 sub mark!

  6. 👍🤩✨Thank you for every EM4 clip. Well done. I never beat Hades on EM 4 (not yet😂 hopefully) Yes, Poseidon really help with the 'Wave Pounding', especially when I like to turn the heat on bosses only. (Still stuck on 15 heat, suddenly i just get tired😳) You motivated me to play more.

  7. Poseidon is just like Zeus. If you want to get the most out of the build, you want more of him. Personally, my favorite for it is Poseidon Aspect with his Cast and all the other KB boons. Just the vanilla cast. I tried the Demeter Duo and I didn't like it as much. Get a few more crystals from Chaos and absolutely demolish everything. Most fun in Styx where unloading all your casts the moment you enter a room will clear it.

  8. Aspect of poseiden is ironically a very fun cast build for sword, which is my favorite weapon cause I enjoy a challenge. Normally youd want a Zeus cast but I found switching it to poseiden to be comparable, as you get the cc. I don't think its better than Zeus, but it is safer.

  9. This is the perfect format for me, the way you go through everything has really taught me a lot.

    Thanks for the effort and i really look forward to watching more from you.

    Liked and subscribed

  10. Just don't ever have to sell any boons…. Talks about Priv. status, but prioritizes taking 3 of the 4 gods that need secondary boons to achieve status curses. Cool… Cool.


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