Hades #3 (Unedited, No Comm.) – Sweet Cruel Heartbreak

Another Stygius run – will a Cruel Thrust Daedalus Hammer upgrade paired with Heartbreak Strike and *late* Sweet Nectar Duo Boon be enough to take Zagreus all the way or leave him heartbroken?

PS: I lost 4 minutes of this recording when I forgot to resume it! Sorry!


This is a storyline playthrough of Hades with raw unedited gameplay and no commentary. I’ve played hundreds of hours of Hades during their beta period, so this isn’t my first playthrough. Think of this as an accelerated romp through the Hades storyline.

As with all of my unedited footage, be warned that there are stretches of idling, time wasted through menus and selections, alt-tabs into wikis, etc. Though I have done my best to limit this through the recording process.


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