Hades – Any Heat unmodded speedrun: 5:16 IGT Hera Bow (Any Heat WR)

took back the world record and finally got hera my beloved on top. done pushing this category now, if someone takes the record its theirs. this was a tiring grind, but glad to have put hera on top. dont look at my play in styx lol


shoutouts Kenorah (Kenorah 0002 on discord) for making the thumbnail!

0:00 – Death / House
0:46 – Tartarus
5:34 – Asphodel
9:11 – Elysium
13:09 – The Temple of Styx
15:08 – Hades
16:22 – Victory Screen


21 thoughts on “Hades – Any Heat unmodded speedrun: 5:16 IGT Hera Bow (Any Heat WR)”

  1. Croven skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane….They need to check him pc and game…..Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit …and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up….Day0s Hades Cheater with Streaming…..I think day0s still cheating…Croven using game deficit on PRO scene ,ON BIG Events.Maybe everyone dont knows him trick.He incredible….I want to ask his where is the comming of your skill's ?

  2. ok I included a copypasta in my original comment but I dont know where it went so I'll just say it again:

    I am honestly speechless at how fast this game has come. In just over a year we have cut nearly 3 minutes off of a run that used to be 8. The fact that I went from 6th to now out of the top 30 shows that the gamers will keep gaming for who knows how long


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