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45 thoughts on “Hades gets the shaft | Loic Suberville”

  1. Hades is a generally chill dude, depending on what myth you listen to Persephone was either kidnapped, wandered into the underworld, or Zeus convinced hades to kidnap Persephone because Zeus is an asshole, nonetheless Persephone and hades is one of the best love stories in Greek myths… although to be fair it doesn’t take much to overrule the other ones, Persephone is generally the one who duels out cruel punishments, hades didn’t want this job it was just kinda siphoned off to him because the other two didn’t want it, he can’t even attend the Olympus meetings, blah blah blah blah blah… anyways Zeus is an asshole

  2. Funny thing is, since he’s the king of the dead, and all things die, all things become his subjects eventually. Plus, he faithful as hell to the best queen there is.

  3. The funny thing is that Hades is the most fairest of the three, if you read Greek mythology his is willing to reward someone that would work for what they want unlike his brothers that the most they do is rape, destroy and kill.


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