Hades Part 1 – Escaping Tartarus

Everyone: Hurry and play Hades Komi


My first Youtube-exclusive game series! I won’t be streaming Hades at all, rather will be recording, editing, and uploading my Hades journey to Youtube. This first video was really hard to do because everything is so new and fresh! In the future, I might just do highlights of each individual escape attempt… I’m predicting that there will be many.

Please leave them likes, comments, and to be honest I’m really looking for some constructive criticism on how to improve editing. More? Less? Too much here, not enough there? I want to improve!

You can enjoy my live content over on my Twitch channel~!


12 thoughts on “Hades Part 1 – Escaping Tartarus”

  1. Komi has her head in the right place, first gift aways goes to the puppers. Also, it's always fun to see people getting to this game. And yes, everyone is really hot, hot as hell, I'd say

  2. Thank you all for the sudden influx of views and likes! I'm extremely new to YouTube and will bring more Hades content soon now that I know people are seeing it!


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