Hades – Piano Collection / Music Sheets

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I’ve really been enjoying playing Hades since I started it and really love the beautiful music so here’s a mini piano playlist for you all. Hope you all enjoy listening 😀

EDIT: Music sheets for Good Riddance & Lament of Orpheus are now available on my Patreon page 🙂

0:00 Good Riddance
3:28 Lament of Orpheus
6:53 No Escape

Original Hades OST here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oksESAMg7WM&list=PL53mjgVKFq7yu0LdAvpp42ZGLzRCkFKuz&ab_channel=SupergiantGames

All artwork in this video is credited to Hades & Supergiant Games.

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14 thoughts on “Hades – Piano Collection / Music Sheets”

  1. I feel like the Lament of Orpheus is severely underapreciated. It is easily my favorite out of the three in any version. That being said, these arrangements are all phenomenal.

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you for these songs! I just joined ur patreon. Can't wait to learn No Escape. Do you plan on transcribing that one? I love how haunting your version is.


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