Hades PS5 Gameplay – 12 Divine Tips For New Players

Hades arrives on PS4 and PS5 on August 13th. For those of you new to Supergiant Games’ rogue-like dungeon crawler, here are twelve tips to get you started. Are you a Hades expert? Why not leave your own tips in the comments!

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48 thoughts on “Hades PS5 Gameplay – 12 Divine Tips For New Players”

  1. Aight jus saying the best boons you need to focus on are Athena's divine dash and Artemis' critical special attack, Zeus' regular attack and Ares blade rift cast. Those 4 along with the homing bow will carry you.

    Also always go for the hammer. Doesnt matter what it's up against, hammer upgrades are the vital

  2. A few tips I would suggest if you are interested:
    1. Focus on dodging/evasion over damage – some games reward brute force over fines but in Hades you receive very little in the way of healing and each hit you take hits hard. It pays off to learn enemy attacks and create openings to attack. This is especially useful for enemies with armour.
    2. Rarity of boons is not as important as synergy – some boons work exceptionaly well with others and it pays off to lean hard into a few skills rather than to have a bunch that don't compliment each other. Rarity only adds a few more percent to a boon and the effects are quite pronounced regardless so pick what you think will really bolster your current build.
    3. Coin fountains – you get purple fountains in some rooms that let you buy temporary buffs for so many rooms. These can really save a run. Some give enemies a high chance to drop food (healing items) when defeated or massive boosts to trap damage on enemies that can mean a room basically defeats itself.

  3. Ohh such a nostalgia hit, hearing the Olympians' first lines when meeting them. Have over 140 hours on Steam for Hades, and just loved it! Good luck to Supergiant for their PS community!

  4. Here's some from someone who's completed the game on switch.
    If you're not moving constantly, you're doing it wrong.
    Max your mirror first.
    Give a nectar to every individual first before maxing out one person. It gets hard to come by.
    Do. Not. Pass. Up. Hammers.
    Chaos is very seldom worth it.
    Fight the boatman at your own risk.
    Don't be afraid to purge boons if you can get something to assist yourself.
    A door with an exclamation mark takes absolute priority.
    And most importantly:

    Cerberus is a good boy and deserves to be pet every time you see him. Every time.

  5. Where is platimonday, or platitudesday or platifriday last week?
    …need the plat fix lol

    Not sure about this game, Looks like it will be very repetitive, and yes, I do understand that’s the point of rougelikes…they just a bit yawn inducing normally….

  6. Beat Hades on my 19th attempt. Thought I'd never do it and when i did…it was a euphoria I've not felt in years.

    My personal tip to absolutely BATTER people:

    Use the bow. Get the upgrade which lets you fire it constantly (rather than charging it). Also upgrade your cast to be as strong and as numerous as possible. I absolutely slaughtered most enemies with this. Google the Boons because i can't remember their names but this set up made me a God (no pun intended)

  7. At the beginning, finishing a run seemed so daunting. Lernie was a major barrier.
    First playthrough took me 153 attempts to get the first proper ending.
    Next save took 35.
    Hades teaches you how to play so gradually that it can take you by surprise when you notice just how much you've improved.


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