Hades: the misunderstood god of death in Greek Mythology – God of underworld, death and darkness

Hades the god of death is highly misunderstood in modern cinema and pop culture often being portrayed as villain. But this antagonizing characterization of the god of dead was not something that the ancient Greeks was familiar with. Our understanding of death makes us believe Hades as a bad character and his association with underworld makes us think of him as a Satan like character in Hell. But this is a modern belief of Abrahamic religions where the ancient Greeks thought of Hades as one of the three major deities. Although the Greek didn’t portrayed Hades as evil they weren’t particularly fond of him as well, due to his connection to afterlife and death. The worship of Hades was not much common as the Greeks believed that attracting his attention would only bring their death faster. But Hades was one of the most respected gods in Greek pantheon and to the surprise of many was one of the most benevolent god.

Most gods like Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo are famous for their divine shenanigans of affairs and causing problems to mortals. While Hades takes no pleasure in intervening in the affairs of mortals. He is married to Persephone and is known to have one of the most functional relationships in whole of Greek Mythology unlike most gods. But this dark gods also had a soft side of helping others like the time he helped Orpheus reunite with his wife and lending his helmet to Hermes and Perseus. The whole concept of Hades being bad is a modern way of looking at the character while the truth is Hades is one of the most good-hearted, benevolent and just god, doing his job.

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