I CAN'T DEFEAT MEG! | Hades Xbox Game Pass Series X Gameplay

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In this video we are taking another look at Hades on the Xbox Series X through Xbox Game Pass and I got a little bit angry in this one because the main boss of Tartarus who is known as Megaera or Meg just won’t stop beating me. I’ve tried different weapons, I’ve tried different styles and stuff and I can’t beat her. Let me know your thoughts in the comments 😀

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25 thoughts on “I CAN'T DEFEAT MEG! | Hades Xbox Game Pass Series X Gameplay”

  1. Took me about 15 attempts to beat Meg… other bosses took me about the same.. after a couple days of getting myself stronger I can finally beat it all on one go.

    But once you add heat levels.. oh boy..

  2. Just time the dodge it makes you invisible so as she rushes you dodge towards her turn hit about 5-6 dodge backwards
    Rinse and repeat
    Just relax and try not to panic learn the attacks

  3. Use your darkness to unlock death defiance at the mirror in Zagreus’ room, that effectively gives you one or more extra lives – which makes things much easier. For Meg I used the bow with a strong attack blessing (the Ares one that gives Doom) and then just learned the dodge timings for her attacks – good luck ☺️

  4. Could it be a Michael Jackson glitter glove? Imagine the magic you'd inherit with one of them!!! "Meg are you okay, are you okay are you okay Meg?" You've been hit by 'bah bah' Bill the gamer. I'm insane, just say it. Hahahaa


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