Kid Icarus Uprising Bytes – Hades' Infernal Theme – Man on the Internet

Sorry to keep YOU waiting! But now that I’m here, let’s get this party started!

Kid Icarus Uprising Musical Bytes is a collection of songs from the video game – not a full musical, but united in one package regardless! Through the month of February 2021 we are proud to present to you songs about the war of the gods from Kid Icarus Uprising!

Kid Icarus: Uprising belongs to Nintendo and Project Sora
Hades’ Infernal Theme Composed by Noriyuki Iwadari

Footage by MaskedMetaKnight4 (
Green Screen Hades Hand made by SuperWiiBros08 (

Hades: Alex Beckham

Lyrics by Alex Beckham

Art by Kylie Ann ( ( ( (

Mix by Marc Gardner


26 thoughts on “Kid Icarus Uprising Bytes – Hades' Infernal Theme – Man on the Internet”

  1. i generally dislike hades being portrayed as satan since mythologically he's one of the least asshole gods and really didn't do anything wrong, but this song and character just make me stop caring about all that. kid icarus uprising was one of the best written games nintendo's made and its a damn shame its only on 3DS

  2. Alright, I'm probably not going to make friends by saying this, but I can't help but feel that, while this song does fit with Hades' theme, it doesn't really fit with Hades as a character.

    What I mean by this is that during the whole game, he always keep a very laid back vibe (well, until the last part of his fight when Medusa takes his head), and while he does indeed have great maleficient plans, he's always very chill about it, even when it seems no one can stop him.

    I perfectly understand that it's near impossible to put such character traits in a song made from this theme, and the song itself is great for conducting the ambience of the fight, but I really think it doesn't do justice to Hades' attitude.

  3. Now I don't know what this musical bytes entail but this right here makes so want to see The Wars End. Alex just the natural flamboyant nature. So, to see him go through the motions and get more pissed off just sounds amazing. Keep up the good work and thank you for shining some light on a series that deserves so much respect


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