Kronii's Hades Stream Was Her Most Scuffed Yet | HololiveEN Clips

In this video, HololiveEN’s Ouro Kronii doesn’t even play a game. She just tries to solve her controller issues for 45 minutes on stream. Luckily for you, I’ve edited this and compiled the best 5 minutes of her spiraling further and further into insanity into one video (this video, just in case you didn’t get that)

I may also do a ‘best moments’ video of the actual gameplay because Hades is such a great game!

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33 thoughts on “Kronii's Hades Stream Was Her Most Scuffed Yet | HololiveEN Clips”

  1. Have played Hades recently, kupo, and she is going to have a hell of a time mixed with dying alot. I've gotten runs where i get to the surface but then get cut down, kupo. I've gotten him close on the 2nd phase but I get dunked, kupo.

  2. i´m starting to dislike the videos that show the scuff that they go through, i think that reminds the streamer of the mistakes and stress they went through, its clear that they feel bad, some clippers start to feel like TMZ

  3. I'm not sure. I'm thinking her Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes was her most scuffed stream considering she was moving at 2 fps pretty much the whole stream.

  4. How can a controller be this terrible
    “I got the controller the game shop recommended…it was like 20 dollars cheaper.”
    Ohh Kronii please…youd save more time if you didn’t save your money on that controller.

  5. me? i'd just pull out the battery, but then i'm still using 360 controllers (my wii u pro controll is no longer windows compatible because micro$oft is an asshole company)

  6. I like how she treats the controller being dead as an excuse to play minecraft. There was no regret in that voice, she was just like "oh no, I might have to play minecraft… Comeonbabygivemeanexcusemamaneedsherfixsobad."


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