Lone Ruin: Fans Of Hades Should Check Out This Dark, Electrifying Roguelike

If you’re reading this, then I’ve somehow managed to pull myself away from my latest obsession: the generously purple, isometric twin-stick roguelike Lone Ruin. Though its main three-layer ruin might feel too short for some, I’ve found it to hardly dampen the perpetual fun; the creative possibilities from randomly distributed powers and items provides surprising moments of synergy and emergent strategies. Replayability remains fresh and reflexive. Toss in two difficulty settings, a horde survival mode, and a leaderboard that will tempt you even if you’re not the competitive type, and this is a game that I’ve happily installed on my Steam Deck with no intention of ever removing.

Out now on PC and Nintendo Switch, Lone Ruin feels like a twin-stick remix of Hades soaked in blacklight. In its “Ruin Run” mode, you’ll descend through three layers of eight rooms each. The final room of each layer is reserved for a boss fight. You’ll fight waves of enemies with a combination of randomly distributed powers and items you’ll grab upon clearing a room. The action is quick, requiring you to combine various abilities and stat buffs to emerge victorious. With clear language for each power or item and an aesthetic that’s as helpful as it is so, so pretty, Lone Ruin excels at guiding you through its mechanics with a relatively low learning curve that builds up to rewarding mechanical depth. It’s very easy to get sucked in, and just like that, it’s past midnight and you have work in the morning.

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  1. "If you’re reading this, then I’ve somehow […]" Who? Given there's no editorialization going on in the video, who wrote the description? Are they playing the game? It's not a massive deal, but does help to inform an opinion if you know your tastes align with whomever is playing/writing.


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