No HADES No Problem (GBO2: RX-80PR-4 Pale Rider DII)

Lv2 Pale Rider DII, 500 Cost Rated Match

My only complaint about this MS is the lack of balancers. Combo Controller but no balancers? This just like the HiMo Zaku II Late Type before it got buffed.

Otherwise, it’s got a pretty nice weapon loadout where you always have something to shoot with, though no stun-on-demand.



1 thought on “No HADES No Problem (GBO2: RX-80PR-4 Pale Rider DII)”

  1. I nabbed this trying to pull for Silver Haze. Unironically looks great in ironic Heavy Gundam colors

    idk where it is in the meta, but I find it funny how you can skip it's cooldown gimmick on it's guns by just flipping immediately to what you want from a different weapon, cheesing the cooldowns


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