PREVIEW: A Cat in the Cast! | Hades' Misguidance: Season 3 Teaser

What’s a cat doing in the greenroom?! It all comes down to the world premier of Hades’ Misguidance: Season 3, airing here on the Zelda Universe channel on October 8th.

Catch up with the full series of Hades’ Misguidance:
Palutena’s Guidance (DLC):

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26 thoughts on “PREVIEW: A Cat in the Cast! | Hades' Misguidance: Season 3 Teaser”

  1. I sense DLC in Hades' Misguidance on the Horizon. Will the cast be finishing the reactions to the new fighters trailers after the last one is revealed on the 5th? I can't wait!

  2. Whoa, Morgana gets mouth movements and everyone else doesn't?! What kind of universe have we Hades Lovelies entered?! Oh gosh, the new season premieres on the same day as Muppets Haunted Mansion releasing on Disney +, and the final DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate will still be fresh in the minds of viewers. Hades darling, you had better bring your A game.


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