ShadowFaxx (Hades) vs Suppe (Odin) – Age of Mythology: The Titans (Game 3)

Two Norse aficionados duking out… or are they?!

ShadowFaxx – Hades
Suppe – Odin

Map – Savannah


14 thoughts on “ShadowFaxx (Hades) vs Suppe (Odin) – Age of Mythology: The Titans (Game 3)”

  1. Sometimes I feel like the minotaurs are microed away of them hitting the special, like if you let them take a little bit more of damage you can basically one shot any unit on classical as they are unupgraded. But today minos got to do their job

  2. They should make make Hades shades come out for every 4 units who die to give them a little boost and help them keep up with eggy merc spam. That would probably put them in the top tier. Well played though ShadowFaxx keep the Hades games coming. My favorite god.


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