The Story Of Zagreus Birth Finally Explained! – Daddy DeGrand Plays Hades

Hades has finally been fully released! Now Zagreus will be able to move past the God of the Underworld! Will Zagreus be able to find his birthmother Persephone? Will all of his burning questions be answered? Will Cerberus get more Pets? Who does Skelly work for?

Hades is a Roguelike Game created by Supergiant Games, the Developers of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre! We follow Zagreus, the son of Hades, God of the Greek Underworld as he fights his way out of hell! Driven by his desire to find his birthmother Persephone, he is being aided by chthonic gods and colleagues as well as his olympian family members like Zeus and Athena!

With their help, will Zagreus succeed to get through Hades, past his father Hades to the Underworld to find his mother?

Thanks again to my man madmanarrivednow for that amazing piece of artwork he created for me!

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  1. Yeah, you should really slow down on thoses situations and do not forget about Nectars and Ambrossias XD
    Also I heard have a second new Keepsake, which I think who is but I will keep my theories for myself ;P


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