this game is AWESOME | HADES PC gameplay stream!


23 thoughts on “this game is AWESOME | HADES PC gameplay stream!”

  1. This game has some of the most impressive voice acting I've heard in a while from an indie. Nearly every character's personality comes through clearly, and comes across as completely natural.
    Like, of course Hades sounds like a gruff, eternally annoyed dad with a baritone voice (that is very likely inspired by PS4-era Kratos).

  2. I’m Just trying 2 Figure out on How you even got on cyber punk 2077?! Like WTF 🤨 Your Not even that well known. I know you read your comments! Or at Least you used to, cause you’ve replied to Me in the past.

  3. You getting lost in hyper light drifter is a thing I have too. Currently, I haven't finished Ys8 because I have no clue where to go next. There's a map and minimap but half way through the game, the terrain got confusing.

  4. I play with mouse and keyboard, and by the looks of you playing with controller… I feel my style works better for this game

    a very good looking game with a solid combat system.
    I have not completed an escape yet, but I was thiiiiiiiiiiis close to it last night


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