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In this Mythical Madness video, we debate who is worse: Hades or Zeus? Hades is the god of the underworld, and Zeus is the king of the gods. They’re both notoriously brutal, and their feud has caused untold destruction over the years. In this Mythical Madness video, we debate who is worse: Hades or Zeus? We debate the pros and cons of these two deities, and decide who is truly the worst of the worst. Do you think Hades is worse than Zeus? Or do you think Zeus is worse than Hades? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Who is Worse: Hades or Zeus? | Mythical Madness”

  1. So what is then an noble God?
    Ra: did tried to kill humanity trough Sekment.
    Set: killed his brother and tried to seduce his nephew.
    Shiva: killed his son when he was angry.
    Indra: had affaires with ever woman he found.
    Loki: sleept with Sif and cut her hair of.
    Freya: sleept with her twin-brother.
    Enlil: tried to kill humanity through an flood because they were to loud.
    Enki: seduces his daughter and granddaughter and greatgranddauggter and greatgreatgranddaughter….
    Tezcatlipoca: maked Quetzalcoatl drunk and helped him to sleep with his sister.
    Tlaloc: killed the humans of the third sun because Tezcatlipoca stole his wife.
    Jawhe: Banned the humans out of Paradies because the did eat an Fruit. Let kill Cain his Brother because he liked the sacrifice of an goat more then vegetables. Tried to kill humanity trough an flood.
    Hmm, a an punishet the hole of all isrealits everytime some of them did something wrong.

    So no deity is really noble. They do what they do because they can.
    And we humans are not different. Or did someone really look what he or she destroyed through there way of live?


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