Dreadbox Hades Reissue – Bass Synth – Sonic LAB review

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It’s no secret that we’ve enjoyed the synthesizers from Greek synth makers Dreadbox. Their instruments have a certain something that makes them stand apart.
The Hades is the reissue of the original 2016 Analog Bass Synth. With a single oscillator and their unique resonant filter plus the OTA Drive, the Hades has a lot of character.
We take a look.

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00:00 Intro
02:24 Oscillator
04:41 Filter
06:50 Drive
09:57 LFO and patching
18:33 Eurorack mount
19:17 More sound examples
23:40 Wrap up and conclusion

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30 thoughts on “Dreadbox Hades Reissue – Bass Synth – Sonic LAB review”

  1. I've noticed in online forums, many aren't too keen on the dreadbox drive circuit, but I've always really liked the sound of it.

    I have the White Line series Drive module, and it has an absolutely unique character that's superb on synthesizers, IMHO.

    Maybe it's the uniqueness they don't like, perhaps they're expecting something familiar?

    I have the Erebus v3 and Nyx2, and love both, again, some compare them too harshly to the earlier versions, but personally it was the additions that finally pulled me in to the dreadbox world,
    – the only thing I don't use very often is the Nyx2 reverb, I usually prefer to go through an Boss RE20, or RE202, and use the spring emulation…

    If money wasn't so tight I'd buy both of the new reissues in a heartbeat, but a Pulsar-23 and Eventide H90 are next on my list.

  2. Love dreadbox. Of all the companies out there, they are the ones I feel best about supporting. Simple, easy-to-use instruments of high quality that always ooze character for days with their eccentricities. Not one but TWO sub oscillators? I mean, come on. That's amazing.

  3. I expected Nyx to be a nixie tube synth, but at least the splash reverb was appropriate. Erebus, I always think of Antarctica, so I think it sounds very cold… and I can get that from digital. Hades… I think I'd rather have a Cerberus, but Dreadbox haven't designed that yet, right? A many-headed dog of a synth. (I'd take the British car, in lieu of a Greek synth, tho).

    On the new Hades, clearly the ancient astronauts designed the 3 main knobs to reflect the positions of the stars in Orion's belt, just like the great pyramid complex at Giza. And then the smaller knobs outline the profile of a Sphinx, if you squint just right.

  4. Great sounds coaxed out of a great synth.
    Nick, you organized your synth shelf to display them nicely— finally! Quite a few gems up there, deserving of respect.
    I would love to see a new Friday Fun episode featuring the Voltage Research Laboratory, every time I see it on your shelf, I want to hear you play it.
    Perhaps the VRL with the Hades, that would be an interesting combo. 🙂

  5. There are people on etsy that sell tiny, cheap, passive VCAs. They resemble jack plugs with I/O and CV In. Probably handy if you want to modulate the amount of LFO feeding into a source without additional modules. 😉 You could use the envelope to open the VCA.


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