Hades | Best Dash Build

Essentially I would cast three times every 10 or so seconds and Curse Of Drowning would kick in and enemies near me would get hit with the duos 3x every second and be left jolted and ruptured. I would then just dash in and around them. Blade Dash was so boosted by the other Ares boons that it just shredded. Ares Aid ended up doing almost 10,000dmg as well.

Super fun build I will actually be trying to get in future runs!

Key Boons:

Ares: Blade Dash, Ares Aid, Black Metal, Engulfing Vortex, Vicious Cycle.

Zeus: Static Discharge

Poseidon: Braking Wave, Razor Shoals

Curse Of Drowning, Sea Storm

Chaos: Two Extra Casts for Stygian Soul


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