Hades – Easiest weapon aspect to clear Hades! Shield Zeus Aspect Build Guide

This is (in my opinion) the easiest weapon to use for beginners in Hades. I’ve seen a lot of people on reddit asking what to spend their early Titan Blood on, so hopefully this is an answer for them.

This shield is a great investment for the first 6 titans blood you get from killing Meg with the initial weapons. Works well at low aspect levels and only gets better!

Always go for Zeus boons. (Special, Jolted, Double Bolt)
Aphrodite on attack for defensive, ares on attack for offensive.


4 thoughts on “Hades – Easiest weapon aspect to clear Hades! Shield Zeus Aspect Build Guide”

  1. charged shot is an amazing combo with aspect of zeus shield actually. You can pretty much stay behind a shield and shoot away without even moving an inch. charged shot even knocks them away right into the disk.

  2. You only need a base shield with Zeus to clear the game. I did it in my second run in hell mode. Play safe, kite, spend an hour and you can do it easily. However I can’t beat the game in the first run in hell mode.

  3. This was easy for people??? I had no goddamn idea what to do with this aspect out of all of the weapons and all of the aspects. The disc is just so SLOW. Way too small aoe too. you can’t control where it lands and the enemies move much faster than the disc does. Struggled with this thing longer than anything else.


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