Hades Walkthrough: Part 6 (No Commentary)

Walkthrough of Hades (part 6) without commentary.
Cut unnecessary part for your viewing pleasure.


6 thoughts on “Hades Walkthrough: Part 6 (No Commentary)”

  1. Watching you get to the surface finally is just all I needed today! That and finally beating that man and his bull boy!

    Plus your way of using amps, potions, boons, and items has gotten better with time nice job. 😁👍

  2. Wow you really dish it out to Asterius and Theseus. Previous playthroughs I watch always take on one at a time, usually Asterius first because Theseus calls on the gods when his bar gets too low. But you really powered through both of 'em at once and even took down Theseus first! Awesome job!


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