John Wick / Pure Dark Techno (Hades)

Synphic Hades Original Mix
John Wick Pure Dark Techno Synphic Hades

for all John Wick fans and electronic music lovers.

if you are a fan of Keanu Reeves / John Wick, just like I am, I will make the best mix of electronic music that I can get on this channel, I will put the best images and scenes from the movies, John Wick 1, back in the game, John Wick 2, a new day to kill, John Wick 3, Parabellum, John Wick 4, I’m going to mix not just electronic music, dark techno, electro, trap music, but all the genres that fit John Wick’s profile, songs like Heavy metal, Doom Metal, Cyberpunk, epic, instrumental music, everything that has to do with the context of John Wick’s films, his cars, dog, house, pencil, friends and enemies.
I love Keanu Reeves’ work on John Wick and I hope to make the best mix of songs on this BABA YAGA.

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