PISCES APRIL 2021- House of hades (I love Lucy )

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15 thoughts on “PISCES APRIL 2021- House of hades (I love Lucy )”

  1. This reading is Accurate to my situation.The unknown is watching me from above.While I have the stars living inside of me watching everyone on this planet.Every Video I watched and everyone I came in contact with and everything I seeing my eyes.My love is a virgo and I been torn between 2 sides.Become a light or become the Dark one..
    But I will never choose sides..I choose balance and stability.I choose the unknown.

  2. This video is POWERGLASTICFLOW RAW in years of watching videos IV never heard anything be so exact ND true …NOW I can rise to power it's in my blood to fallow the wise so thy can get behind me..I COME IN PEACE..πŸ§”.πŸŒžπŸ™πŸ‘»πŸ΄πŸŒ‹

  3. That master masonry and grandfather continues to comes up …. Lucifer ,government still watching what ever this is I hope it does come to Light I need to know.and that Jewish keep getting that too I need to know what is rooted in my dna i know I right I remember being studied as a child 😳

  4. Accurate. And I do go to different levels of dreams like dreams dreams etc. dreams are one of the most important part of my existence. Lots of information and experiences through them. Also face to face communication with the spirits there.
    Bless you


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