Neil Druckmann gets destroyed in comparison to Hades Dev, white knights laughably rush to defend him

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, you may also say the same about this comparison between Hades dev and Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckman.


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45 thoughts on “Neil Druckmann gets destroyed in comparison to Hades Dev, white knights laughably rush to defend him”

  1. watched the awards and was like "wait last of us p II is from 2020? did I miss the hype?" and then they went on to win quite a few prizes all of which I`d given to another game… Hades deserved the Goty

  2. TLOU 2 isn’t the worst game in the world. However, compared to the last game, it’s a steaming pile of dog feces. But what makes the game worse is the incompetent and self righteous company behind it.

  3. Since I'm not really into Last of Us but I do follow Laura Bailey, I wouldn't say she is a scammy person. Or that her addressing the harrasement was badly managed. Despite the direction, she is a voice actor and she shouldn't be attacked for what the game is.

  4. Of course it is signaling if they show those threats.
    Most won't follow up (and I would say up to like 99%), that one would follow up is VERY unlikely. Doesn`t change the fact that it is wrong and you should report it to the police.
    But then again, those who are just angry might even feel good to hear that they are afraid, because then they got em, emotionally speaking. Not publishing this, just reporting it is propably the best thing you could do. It won't drive other people to do the same just to see them cry out.

  5. oh yea i remember hearing naughty dog " condem" harassment. fake ass PR move by a corp trying to just milk us for money and scoot the shit under a rug. TLOU2 Was a mediocre game that has bad story writing, forced one sided morals that just felt so pushed and fake, and the melee combat was such a let down. a trash game as its best

  6. More Sony tried to stop the leeks worse it got . Look at sales 4 mil copies TLoU 2 vs. TLoU part 1 with 17 mil copies sold . 12 million difference Cockman is crying his 👁 out. Cockman turned 1 billion $ franchise into dust literary.

  7. Indie games feel like real games. The devs make it, sell it, and you get a full game for usually less than $60. Triple A games feel like either a storefront, a political battleground, or they’re completely broken.

    Also, nobody but blue check marks voted in that poll. So to them, it was Biden vs Independents. Of course the left won.

  8. Some people make games based on what they'd like to play or build or what story they'd like to tell or all of the above. They listen to feedback and take criticism and improve themselves to make something great.

    Some people make games based on ideology. Maybe not to push it, but as a guideline. Any criticism will be seen as criticizing the ideology, and thus discarded, even when valid. These people will not learn and improve.

    Guess whose game I'd rather play

  9. I mean I'm disappointed with the last of us 2. The Story was bad because they literally killed off their Luke Skywalker. And didn't dig deep on the lore of the different clans and Society… you know what they deserve to get punish for their release. I was going to defend them but there is nothing to defend naughty dog. But they are simply not as talented as they used to be. And don't deserve a participation trophy

  10. people nowadays taking empty death threats wayy too seriously just to look as a victim. i don't condone the death threat but the fact they keep repeating about the death threat over and over again just to have the license of "i am victim" here is just crazy.

    just like ND here, he can say all shit he wants, trash talk, calling other people as haters but when people critisize him, his fanboy keep going back talking about that empty death threat

  11. Why do they always use the people don't like playing as women as a defensive.i like playing female characters and they constantly act like there was no game had playable main characters. The problem in the game isn't there female. The problem was the politics there pushing and completely destroying ellie and Joey only to replace with abby. Who is an completely unlikable character and shouldn't have been placed in the game. It should of been about Joel and ellie.


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