The Restart | Hades (1/6)

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36 thoughts on “The Restart | Hades (1/6)”

  1. Ah, this is gonna be a goodie! I didn't follow the early access of Hades too closely, so I'm not sure just how much changed before the final release, but my impression was it was a lot. The game has crazy amounts of content now. Hope Woolie enjoys the return; in my eyes it's so good that it's the only rougelite I ever really got into.

  2. It took me I think around 13 runs or 6-7 hours to beat the game for the first time.

    I was kind of annoyed frankly though, there was a very clear threshold I passed at run 12 where I just had enough stats and method to get synergy to properly melt the bosses without much effort.

    I know the grind is part of the genre, but I don't like feeling gated in that way. Making it to a boss just to tickle them seems pointless for example and i'd rather not bother with it; even if I make it past the tickle-fest, i'll have to tickle even more the next boss.

    I liked the rest of it though, despite some of the slog.

  3. I was in the same boat as Woolie, played a BUNCH in early access, dropped off/burned out a little, then came back at 1.0. I do not regret my time with it at all. Replaying it was just as fun if not more so.

  4. Hey uh, buddy? Centaur hearts don't heal you as much as they just boost your current health and max health by the same amount. The McGyro value menu items are what heals your character.

  5. Man the rust is real, it happened to me too, I stopped playing for like two months and when I came back it took me almost a week to be able to complete a run again.

  6. Also I hope Woolie opens up to casting, depending on your builds you can literally let a particular cast carry you an entire run. Ares, Demeter and Athena's are amazing with high rarity and some poms for example, others can be used to compensate for certain weapons' weakneses, like with the gauntlets you want a long range cast like Artemis or Zeus to compensate your lack of range.

  7. everything I hear about this game seems incredibly astroturfed… never heard of "Supergiant" before but apparently they have an amazing reputation? ok, sure…


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